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An online learning experience for those working in churches across the Diocese of London and beyond, from the Children and Youth Ministry Support team.

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What's coming next?

We're just getting started... here's what else we've got planned.

Academy Basics 2.0

Our foundational courses on working with children and youth in Christian contexts. We'll be improving these in 2022-23.

Week-by-week course

PILOTING NOW: Track with a cohort each week as you learn and progress through a course together.

For experienced staff and volunteers

In-depth modules on forming strategy, gaining vision and purpose, working in schools and more...

Access to live online seminars

We'll invite expert speakers for live seminars that handle the big questions.

Discuss with others

Share what you're learning and where the best resources are, within course materials and in our community space.

And more...

We're still figuring this out long term, so join us on the journey!
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