It's launch day!

Dec 7 / Levi Phillips
Today we're excited to launch a brand new online learning experience for churches in the Diocese of London and beyond.
While it might not be quite as exciting as a SpaceX launch, it's safe to say we're proud of what we've accomplished here. In a few months, we've written, filmed and edited two courses containing over 40 videos, built a whole website that will enable us to deliver them to train more people in children and youth ministry and figured out how all this is supposed to work. It's a new space for us, but we're giving it everything we've got! is a new subdomain of the Diocese of London's website, where we will continue to build out an online training offering for working children and youth. Our hope is that this becomes an incredible library of learning materials, where people come to develop the skills needed for doing good ministry in their churches.
This area of the site will be where we'll post updates about the platform as we launch new courses and features - and we've got a lot planned, so stay tuned! 
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