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Relevant, self-paced online learning

Build the skills and knowledge you need to do ministry well, wherever you like, whenever you like.

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If content doesn't cover something, you're able to ask questions to the community.

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You'll be able to see and share your progress through courses.

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Our courses (available in Mighty Leaders)

What's on offer

Self-paced, video-based courses on relevant areas of ministry

Individual coaching to support you in your ministry

On-demand and live workshops from our team and guest speakers

What people have said so far...

"It enabled me to consolidate my own learning and affirmed some of what I do, but also I have learnt more about different types of storytelling and delivery."
"Very insightful info about stages of faith – helped me understand my own faith journey more and put this into perspective."
"Lots of good ideas about children’s ministry. Really helpful chance to think through things. A good amount of content at an accessible level."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because we all love a good FAQ.

What is this website?

This is an online learning platform, more commonly known as a Learning Management System. It enables us to host courses and resources in an easy to access space, let users track their progress and interact with us in ways that a normal website won't allow.

Why do I need an account?

Having your own account means you can keep track of which content you've completed and get the support you need. Certain courses will enable you to down a certificate, proving you've completed the course. It also means we can do things like 'assignments' where you submit an answer and we can review it and give you feedback, all inside the platform. 

Who runs this?

The Children and Youth Ministry Support Team at the Diocese of London launched The Learning Hub as a way of taking our training offering online. We wanted as many people as possible to have access to our resources and this enables us to reach many more volunteers who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend a course in person.

I'm from another diocese or denomination. Can I use it?

Yes! Anyone is welcome to register and benefit from our courses and resources. We can't offer the same level of support to those outside our diocese in terms of remote coaching, but until we hit our account limits, anyone is welcome to join.
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